Happy 4th !!

Logged in out of blue after like forever to discover that it’s been EXACTLY 4 years TODAY I started this blog. What a coincidence!!

Happy Anniversary dear blog!!!

Shifting focus to me now, here is all the scoop on what I’m up to.

The saying “The path to wisdom is age” has never been truer than it is today if I take liberty to make amendments replacing age with marriage. In to my late twenties now ,I’m not saying that I’m a wise owl  but I’m also not the person I used to be when I started this blog.

Continuing from last post,let’s flashback to Jan 16’. I (had to) quit my first job of five years one month before I was to get married. Post wedding and the honeymoon in Feb, life was back to normal…for my brand new husband. As for me, even before the ‘newly married’ excitement wore off, the one and only thing on my mind was to get a goddamn JOB. Wiping dust off my six year old Naukri profile, I updated to one that was more attractive than my matrimonial profile.  I never heard from the organization where I gave my first interview but one month and another interview later I took up the offer for reasons more than being desperate for a job (mainly the brand name). Also unlike the horrible fixed timings style of my previous organization, coming home at 5 sounded like a dream especially in a city infamous for its traffic. I was happy to be following a routine with a job and super supportive in-laws. But then it was “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get” time. It was time for shockers and domestic issues that I never thought could exist in a married woman’s life. Also couple of months into the job, the travel started to take a toll on me.After recurring heartbreaks and drama on both sides, a decision was made that was about to change my life for better in many ways which FINALLY materialized after more drama.

Soon we were approaching a milestone that was our first wedding Anniversary which was in February and the second best decision(first was to get married) we made as a couple was to take off on an Island vacation, easily the best days of this year so far. I know it’s too cliché to say this but I’ve learnt a great deal. We fought like no other, made-up, played the blame game, took time to understand each other, reflect on our relationship so far then. With what I’ve learnt in this one year of marriage, I have my own Life and Marriage 101 to which I refer every now and then and hope to add to it in years to come.

Back from the vacation meant back to reality. Now I don’t know about the man of my all solutions but I really was on verge of regretting the decision we made earlier that was supposed to make our life easy. This was my best “between the devil and the deep sea” moment. Holy Moly! Things that life can throw your way when you expect the least. Apart from dealing with unreasonable behavior around me I had my own emotions to deal with alone. During this time I also realized what “getting on nerves” LITERALLY means. Like literally!! This was also the time when we were in process of making another life changing decision that required lot of our time and efforts, mostly the husbands’. I cannot explain in words how crucial this decision was for my husband for it was a make or break situation. Looking back I feel guilty for not understanding certain situations without being talked to about. I love and respect the man I married not because he’s walked on egg shells for the sake of our relationship, also not because he made some decisions that put “us” before his career but because he’s always made efforts to understand make the best balance that he could of any situation. Then the waiting game begun. After extreme bouts of suspense, thriller, excitement and drama, some good news arrived. (Nope! This is not about a baby).All this happened very fast slow between March to August.

September was the month where I could really feel myself breathing and sinking in the reality. Right now, I have my fingers crossed for something very important that I’m expecting in couple of weeks from now. I have hopes and dreams for coming months closing on 17’ and the next year. I wish to get a job where I can utilize my full potential and get what I deserve (this is not on my resume…lol) and I need not worry about other things coz I know everything else will be taken care of!

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Well ! Well ! Well!

16 months of disappearing and here am I .

Last year March I wrote about how aimlessly I was wading through life with splatter of misadventures and splash of fun to be engaged the very next month.

Last week of April 2015 I was engaged to be married 9 months later i.e. Feb this year. I have no other explanation for the ‘9 months’ (I know, right!) gap than my husband’s family wanting the wedding to happen only after December reasons owing to the Hindu ritual of sutak where if there is a wedding ,is adjourned for at least a period of one year if there is a loss in the extended family.

The courtship was wonderful. We are from different cities, so it was a mini-long distance more so because we did not meet every other weekend. The first time he’d come to meet me after the engagement was on my Birthday . He was in the US on a week’s assignment and landed in my city on my Birthday.

Mom was not in town and Dad had to go to work and sister had office to attend and the brother was away too. Just two of us at home and he was laying on the dewan(more like bed..) in the hall after handing me over my gifts and a super mushy hand-written card. Then I offered him breakfast of shaviya(vermicelli dish) to which he agreed to have very little (he was very doubtful of my cooking ) and after having a  spoonful he actually says “Oh ! It’s good. I can have more”.

We were killing time doing NOTHING before we headed for lunch and movie .My fiancee orders for Black lentils (like really?) and lemon soda and I go for my usual masala food .We finish the lunch and proceed towards the movie hall.‘Tanu weds Manu Returns’ is our first movie together, on my Birthday and our second date(First date was a late dinner at this amazing mughlai place). So the movie starts with the couple fighting each other to death and we’re looking at each other judging our movie choices. I’m trying not to check my phone for messages/wishes and then my would-be FIL calls to wish me. Half time into the movie, we’re resting on each other,almost falling asleep and we realize it’s awkward, impossible and uncomfortable to sit like that on chairs and so we’re back to looking at the screen trying to figure what’s happening in the movie . 

After the movie, we’re deciding between heading home and going to the Ice cream Parlor but end up going home. Within two minutes of getting home, the guy falls asleep(really dude?) and that’s when I get time to go through the birthday texts and WhatsApp messages. It was more than 2 hours before I force wake him and then we talk to mom and go out for Ice cream. Back home I realize I left the door keys inside the house and we’re locked out.


First Ice cream Date


Sitting by the front door, my fiancee is checking his work emails while I’m talking about random people and then the conversation shifts to Careers. My brother comes home with the alternate keys and my super favorite kulfis. And soon sister is also home from work and we’re talking and having fun. Its late evening and V has his flight early next morning so he leaves for his BIL’s place from where he plans to go the airport.

We have more dates in following months, every time V comes to my city. In November I travel to V’s city for a temple Pooja and wedding shopping which is when i get my reception lehenga . With one month to go for the wedding , mid-Jan I quit work and get on with wedding preps. Time is running and before we know, its two days for the wedding on Valentine’s day. I’m at a salon getting my legs waxed when I receive a call from the delivery boy “Good morning ma’am , V sir ne aapke liye flowers bheje hai”. I direct him to home where my mom receives the flowers and whatsapps me the pictures with the message that read “With love , from (V’s city)”

One day later, there is traditional engagement (different from the first engagement from last year) and the following day, I’m married and leave my city and home on the same day to a new life!

More posts on the wedding to follow.


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So this is what has been happening: Fables from February

March is closing and much has happened since I lasted posted here. February is long gone but let me share some tidbits and stories from the month.

Games and side-effects

I installed this game app called ‘Quizup’ and boy, is it addictive. I went crazy with the game initial few days, playing it for hours together, draining the phone battery, ignoring friends, and even skipping work here and there to tend to the addiction. What’s more! Even fought with mother who was sure I’d damage the phone or my eyes.

Ultimately, it was my neck who bore the brunt. Like we always do for minor ailments, I never bothered to visit the doc. All I did was make weird head movements in public whenever the sprain bothered me.

Work, work life and workplace

Talking about work, I was ridiculously loaded with assignments coming my way –left, right and center. It felt like I was solely automated to receive all the new things that came up for upcoming releases (project, not movie, ok). So much to do and such little time, despite my efforts to accommodate everything, there was again something new that came up and I had to bring this to notice. So I emailed concerned people about the tasks that I took as priority and mentioned that rest will be tentative.

Had this happened some 2-3 years back, I would have took it all and tried to complete it or freaked out, either ways stressing myself to some lifestyle disease.

Otherwise too, life was very boring. I used to hang out with V who also left as Feb came to end which resulted in me taking less breaks and it was good in a way as I had my hands full with work. I missed everyone a lot (my girls M and S esp.) .It was on WhatsApp we discussed the nonsensical stuff that we used to discuss in person.


I miss those days. Now I’m like friendless. I know L is there but still.

Looney tales

One day there was this meeting which was planned for 1 hour but it stretched to 3 hours. The first one hour everyone spoke about whatever they had to say and assuming we’re done I left the room and went to the loo only to be called back. There was someone from SM coming to speak to us. It was never ending discussion for the next one hour which was sort of entertaining. Then I started to feel restless and soon I realized I had to pee. I stay put assuming the meeting to end anytime then. But, no. It went on and on. As the talk continued, my bladder continued to signal me and threatened to tick me off I did not do anything about it.

I’m never embarrassed to leave any meeting in such a case but this time it was different. Another hour passed. I was about to pretend taking a fake call and exit the room. But then the topic changed from work to fun as there was plan for potluck. ‘Finally’, I thought. But, no. They had to discuss that too in detail. Who’s getting what? How many vegetarians? How many non-veg? Any suggestions for unique desserts? I was going to lose it. I started to curse whoever opened their mouths to speak.

There was no sign this was going to stop. They had to further dissect the preparations for this potluck party. There I was, fiddling with the phone, checking time every two seconds, making mental notes to kill all those contributing to the discussion but actually about to die if I didn’t make it to the loo. The meeting had started at two, it was almost five.

‘F*** THIS S***’, I thought.

I got up and excused myself stating there was an online meeting needing my presence and crossed the packed small room (not more than 15 people) and went straight to you know where. Phew!

I rushed back to my desk and within few minutes I see everyone settling into theirs. So they finally decided to pack up the worst meeting ever.

The goddamn potluck happened and I brought kesri halwa.

Baby Coos

It was end of February when my cousin flew in from the US with her baby (I’m the aunt, yay!). I went to see her the next day and we’re seeing each other after two years. After a long hug and commenting on each other, there was so much talking to do but I couldn’t wait to see the baby.

I was besotted by the little sleeping cutie. We all were sitting right by her and talking to grandma in excited tones and the next moment she’s awake, yawning the cutest yawn ever, stretching her tiny baby arms. I didn’t know babies do that. She’s only 5 months old. And she smiles. It was cuteness overload.

My cousin handed the baby to me. I was scared to hold her initially but did not want to let her go. Ever.

Like pepper, I look at her pictures and feel all cutesy that makes me want to gobble her up sometimes. Ah! babies.

Can’t wait to have babies. But the family says I got to marry first.

Which brings us to the topic which is governing my life right now.

Matrimony Masala

As Indian parents of a single/unmarried Indian girl whose friends, classmates, colleagues are all married, some with kids , is still not serious about getting married SOON, they freak out. It is only natural .So they get matches from the community matrimony (not online), offices across the state and neighboring states too, which primarily serve as offline matrimony. They have been doing it for some time now. It’s another story how it all started which I hope will be another post. Meanwhile, here is the current scoop.

Let me first explain how the process works. So there is this community we belong to and the matchmaking happens only within the community as is the case with most arranged marriages.

The profile with pictures of the eligible are registered with one or more such offices. Once both the sides (I mean the families) like each other, more details are exchanged over the phone. One such dumb criteria is the horoscope. I say this because the hot guy matches are all concluded if there is no horoscope match. It’s ok if the horoscope matches but the guy doesn’t. I mean Please!

So, I’ve been meeting families .Yes, only the family first and then the guy. And after every such meeting I have only one thing to tell my family- ‘I don’t think it’ll work’. This has been my standard response so far.

I’ve also met some guys. Don’t even ask me what happens, because S*** happens. At times, I’m left wondering, ‘what’s happening here!?’

Those who have had arranged marriages will have an idea on how hilarious these meetings are. You want laugh out loud, you try hard not to look at the sibling lest they make you laugh, the QA round, and even the small talk is funny.

What’s not funny? You know it.

Thanks to my experienced friends, cousins, colleagues and well-wishers and everyone wanting to see me married soon*, I am armed with real life gyaan on how to go about it. At the end of the day, the heart want what it wants (yeah, the Selena Gomez song).

In other news, March has been very interesting and what’s been happening will be the next post.

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January in a post

January was one hell of a month. For first time in months, I did not have to think about what to do and how to kill time. That’s because I had no time and reasons to be lazy, sit around and do nothing and then complain about how boring life has become. That should explain why I wasn’t able to blog as much as I mentioned in my previous wish list post.

I wanted to share my 2014 adventure trek to Rajmachi fort and started to write about the same in beginning of Jan but couldn’t even complete the first part because that’s when the tornado that was Jan hit my stagnant existence and life never seemed so busy. So here’s what made my Jan non-boring

First party of the year

10 D was the place. I went with a friend and the rest of the group comprised friend’s friends.  There was this obvious small talk and I was my usual introverted self, speaking very little and when I really have to like while ordering the starters. These guys ordered a pitcher for themselves and I wanted a fruit punch. Finally the small talk progressed to a little conversation as we discussed our lives and other random stuff.

Then, we three girls and a guy went to another pub upstairs on impulse while the other two stayed back. These guys ordered more drinks at the second pub and they cajoled me into having vodka shots (my first). So it was vodka for the girls and whiskey for the guy who was celebrating his engagement.

We hopped back to the first pub to find the DJ playing some smooth numbers. The music changed from classy to desi and we had no reason not to get on the floor and rock the party. I was on the dance floor after a very long time and thoroughly enjoyed it despite my absurd and out of place dance moves. Okay, there was this really cute guy in blue jean and white shirt (I somehow don’t like this combo which people think is classy)with killer moves who I think was trying to gatecrash our group but I guess since its awkward he continued dancing with his guy friend in vicinity while I pretended to avoid the glances. Am I ever going to outgrow the teenager phase? (JSYK, I’m no where close to a teen number)

Back home I found my dad waiting up for me…aww! I think because I told only the mother that I’d be late and didn’t bother to tell him at all. Mummy and I tried not to laugh as poor dad feels neglected because nobody really updates him (except for mom sometimes) on the happenings in the P household these days.

Trip to Bengaluru

Mid-Jan, I made a 5 day trip to b’lore .This is the second trip in years and my bro (visiting the place after 8 years)tagged along in this one. I was in two minds about this trip as the prime reason (something unbelievable in this day and age) I was asked to make this trip was the last thing I wanted to do. First two days were a drag. The brother fell sick and didn’t take too well to the place. The rest of the days, we visited our second set of maternal grandparents (background in this post) and my cousin (No.2) who I couldn’t catch up during the last trip.

The common thing in the last trip and this trip was that we a took the metro from Indiranagar to MG Road, bought shoes, bags ,accessories from the same shops but this time with the bro and the cousin(No. 1). I felt bad for making them wait so long while I tried jackets and finally bought nothing from one particular store. The store girls and the owner were after my life to buy shrugs that really didn’t fit me, so before they threw more shrugs over the trail room door for me to try, I ran out and left the place. The boys shopped for a while in different stores before we left for home as it was already late.

We were scheduled to leave the day after and this time too it was really disheartening to leave grandpa (who hasn’t improved much from the last time) and it was an emotional farewell. During the time we stayed with her, my aunt made sure I look pregnant and my brother’s t-shirts didn’t fit him, thanks to all the special treats and force feeding.

The adventure part of the trip was that we did not miss the train after lot of drama and mini heart attacks, thanks to the infamous b’lore traffic. I was almost in tears when we realized we took the longer route via MG road .With the never-ending traffic and multiple signals of minimum 5 minutes, every passing second caused more panic. Amidst this, my brother has something very important to tell me. We are waiting for the signal lights to turn green when he points out to the auto next to us and very seriously declares that the girls are all looking at him! WTH!

When we finally reached the station I running across the platform like a mad    woman because I had no idea if the train was yet to arrive or left the station. I could breathe only after boarding the train. It wasn’t a pleasant journey as it was my turn to fall sick.

The next day was a Friday and I had to attend office because I had already extended my unplanned leaves. Despite the nausea and throwing up and weakness, I took a cab to office and did not move from my desk the entire day. In the evening I received a mail asking me to join the Fashion show rehearsals.

I had one week to practice the sequences and to arrange for the costume as the event was scheduled for next Friday.

The Fashion Show

On Saturday I went to the doc who diagnosed severe dehydration and I was on meds for the next six days.

So I had nominated for the fashion show which was planned as part of an outing. The theme was Bollywood and my costume was decided to be a half-saree. I had one day (Republic day) to buy the costume, so I went and bought a half-saree which I now think is really not worth what I paid for. The following days were stressful as work kept me busy and because of the post work hours practice sessions I went home late every day.

If this wasn’t enough, the costume was now a problem. I did not know what to do with the material and semi-stitched lehenga as the tailor refused to stitch the blouse and the lehenga without measurements .There was no time to visit the tailor as I left for work in the morning and came home only after he closed his shop for the day. He also refused to take the measurements on the phone. I convinced him to stitch the blouse taking the measurements of a sample blouse (which didn’t fit me and he doesn’t know it!). I explained him in the best possible way to make the blouse a little less fitting than the sample one and had my fingers crossed.

The only fun thing was the practice sessions. We had to rehearse four sequences, the third sequence with a little dance number. Though we had stayed back post work hours it was fun practicing the sequences and discussing the theme, actors and costumes. To be on the safe side, I had asked my dad to get a readymade blouse in case the stitched one didn’t work out. When the blouse was ready, it was not surprising that it didn’t fit me. I had altered it myself one day before the event and hoped it worked for the next evening.

The next day we reached the venue post lunch. The afternoon was spent exploring the place and playing games. The indoor events started in the evening and ours was the fourth in order of events and the group was ready to set the stage on fire. I was the second one to walk in the first sequence and thankfully it went well. But I ruined it a bit in the third sequence (couple sequence) as I adjusted the dupatta as soon as I stepped on the stage from backstage. There was another blunder in the end as the showstopper forgot his sequence. Otherwise I believe we rocked the show as we had the audience screaming ‘Once more’.

Farewell lunches and parties

The saddest part of January was to see friends moving to different organizations and cities. Most of my friends have quit, some have moved to different projects and some changed cities. I’m going to miss all the fun, fighting/bitching, drama, break time, lunch time ,the after lunch walks, outings, lunches and parties. There are so many changes happening around me which makes me feel that my life is stagnating.

So Jan was full of lunch outing and farewell parties. We started the year with lunch at BF. Then G (our official trip planner) treated us at S3 as it was his last few days with the organization. Then it was time for S to leave to B’lore, so went to this European restra CF and had Indian food (I think because the mood was glum and nobody was really interested in trying new stuff). M left too, the next day after the fashion show and it’s just L and me now.

It is already mid- Feb and I’ve been struggling to find time to finish and post this post because it’s crazy at work with multiple assignments and I never blog from home. V is moving to a new office. So L, V and I are going for a lunch at PA tomorrow.

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Happy New Year 2015!

I finally made efforts to open the word doc and start typing a post after extreme bouts of laziness and procrastination. I’ve not been busy at all but plain lazy to the extent that I invested all my time devising ways to kill time. Now that I’ve made it so far, here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

Talking about New Year, the subject invariably gets us talking about resolutions. Now I’ve never made any resolutions ever, so obviously never had to review anything on annual basis and make improvements and such things ,by now you would know why (Hint: Para 1)

But this year I wish to strengthen my will power and work on the much needed discipline and order in life which I think should help me grow up and make wise decisions. I will also talk about the year that went by and the year before that in brief (don’t leave already!) and how much I changed during the course, but before that here’s what I want to tell myself this year

  • Maintaining previous year’s tempo, take at least 3 vacations and visit places you’ve never been before
  • Stop wasting precious time (e.g.: stalking people on social network) and do something productive.
  • Learn a new language/skill/technology
  • Don’t be a lazy bum and blog regularly .How about 10 posts /month?
  • Read more books. Trash reads accepted(Yep, that’s to get you back on track after you almost abandoned reading)
  • Please be a regular and a smart shopper .The kind of disaster your wardrobe is right now, it should take multiple trips to the shopping malls to resurrect and do it even if you faint of fatigue in the process or have to pop painkillers to combat the body pains. This will ensure cuss free and frustration free mornings in the long run.
  • Now that you’ve just started drinking, please be moderate, like very moderate. If you can take straight vodka shots as a first timer and still rock the evening dancing away and, I’m sure you can handle your drinks. The super cautious person you are, I know you will never over do it. Happy Drinking and more variety please.
  • Don’t over analyze things. Think before you speak. Make wise decisions. Basically, grow up.
  • Be determined and don’t give up on things easily. What things you ask? You know better.

That’s it for now. I can call them resolutions because underlying implication for most of these is to avoid procrastination and embrace smart work.

Getting back to talking about previous years, 2013 was the worst year for me, but like I mentioned earlier on the blog, at the end of the year it felt like one big revelation after series of reality checks. 2014 started on a rough note but as the year progressed, life started to look bright and promising .Of course, there were some tiffs, some more reality checks and some not so good moments but things were so much better than the previous year. So the good stuff that marked my 2014 as follows

  • Wholesome family time
  • Innumerable Celebrations: birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, new jobs
  • New friends ,parties ,outings, trekking, travelling
  • Balanced and satisfactory work life
  • Trying new things and some out of ordinary (good of course)
  • Better equations with people I had drifted apart for sometime
  • Not giving a damn to what people think or say anymore

So I’m happy and grateful for all the good things in life. I hope 2015 is even better and brighter.

Bye for now but see you soon because there is so much to share as this January is turning out to be very eventful.

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So this is what has been happening..in no particular order…

November is here and there are not many things happening in life to be blogged about because the routine is pretty much the same. But here are few things I thought I must write about


Yes! I got promoted! October greeted me with this positive news and the same day there was a little cake cutting nautanki (as per friends) at home to celebrate the same.


For girls wondering where are all the hot, handsome, hunky, good-looking, stunning, gorgeous, intelligent(cannot vouch for this one) guys, let me tell you, they are all on this superficial fun app ‘Tinder’ that lets you ‘like’ (right swipe)or ‘pass’ (left swipe) pictures or rather the profiles purely based on looks. Also, two people can connect with each other only if there is a mutual ’like’.

I was introduced to tinder via a fashion and lifestyle website and didn’t waste a minute in downloading this app.

It is fun all right, BUT, be very wary and use your discretion in connecting with people despite the claim that it doesn’t give away personal details. The funny thing is, though it’s an app for singles, everybody else wants to be on Tinder and this is how it’s been working like it’s some Facebook, please!

So what did I do with tinder? I connected with my old classmates, some mutual friends, blocked the unwanted influx initially when I was new to the app, then I came across this super senior (who now is a model btw) whom I had a teenage crush on during college and confessed the same and he blushed. Of course I can’t imagine having crush on him now.

Except for the actual intent of the app, I managed to do everything else and I’m bored already!

Gone Girl, the movie

I did not read the book like I had planned to read before watching the movie and I’m glad I didn’t because for me the movie didn’t live up to the hype. I thought there are many things unconvincing about the story and how the movie ends is something I wanted different.BTW, I’m yet to watch the most hyped ‘Interstellar’.

Kids these days..

It was around Diwali when I was walking home from somewhere and these boys were bursting some chili bombs or something like that and because I’m scared of crackers I wanted to ask them to stop lighting the bombs for the time I crossed the turning so I just said ‘Can you please stop bursting those bombs for 5 minutes’.

Not even a second I said this, these three kids start counting backwards in chorus…5…4…3…2…1

I simply couldn’t stop laughing!

* * *

Like every Dussehra, this year too we had a family get-together at my grandma’s place with uncles, aunts and cousins gathered to celebrate and enjoy the festival. My 12-year-old cousin was dressed in a gorgeous layered lehenga with zari and gold border. I asked her where she had bought that dress from and this was her reply “I designed my dress looking at various other dresses on Google and got this one made.” Beat that.


I’m given a requirement not concerning my usual applications, but the kind I’ve never worked on before and I love it! Not the requirement but because the assignment is something out of ordinary and challenging.

But I’m sad because I had requested some process (not related to the work I do) to be initiated and they did not agree to do it for some lame reason. 😦

Weekend Plans

So we are planning to go on a trip to Lonavla and Khandala over coming weekend and if possible, other places nearby. We have not booked any tickets because obviously there are none available. So I hope we get tickets on tatkal else we plan to make it happen by availing interstate buses. I’ve never been to the  mentioned places before so I’m looking forward to the trip and if it happens we’ve planned a lot of things(out of ordinary) on what to do.

Other Stuff

It’s been ages I went shopping and the reason is no surprise, procrastination. I’m tired of repeating clothes and mix and match. Same with the parlor visit, it’s been so long I went to the parlor I doubt the girls at the parlor would recognize me anymore. I pray for energy and inclination to do what I wish to do but cannot do.

In other news, I’ve been taking pictures these days, from my phone camera, not a DSLR or something, of myself ,friends, selfie with friends and some miscellaneous objects stuffed in the office drawer like this one in the picture.

The other day, after lunch we planned to walk for a bit but instead sat down at nearest unoccupied railing outside our building like always. So I thought why not take a selfie .Adjusted the angle on my phone so that everyone (we were five) fits in the frame and took some 2-3 selfies of us which I was not happy with, so took some more till it pissed off the guys to the extent that they did not want to be in the frame anymore. I’m not always like this but when I am, I make sure the picture is perfect 😛

There are some things in life right now that I cannot do anything about but just hang in there till they sort out on their own and I hope they do soon because one minute I’m all happy and suddenly something related to the said concern pop-ups and ruins everything for me. Its like I’m between the devil and the deep sea and there can be no feeling more worse than being helpless with no solution in sight.

Key chains from Malaysia

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Like a celebrity…

It was on a cloudy Sunday, I was walking along the path by the lake with my bestie VM and of out of blue, there are so many cameramen and photographers video shooting and taking our pictures .With all the camcorders targeting us we just didn’t know where to look…and we’re in the papers the next day !

The day before my friend V calls me and we plan to meet for lunch at this awesome restaurant by the lake at noon. It was decided that the meeting point is going to be this eating joint right next to the restra. So the next day i.e the Sunday,I start at around 11 and my dad offers to drop me since he’d be going on the same route for Ganesh Visarjan. After the farewell puja at home, I carry our little Ganesha to be immersed in the lake. Dad and I reach the lake to find the place a little less crowded and leave our Ganesha with the attender at the lake who dips into the waters with our Ganesha and hikes out empty handed.He proceeds to help others with the Visarjan as we walk towards our parked vehicle.

We’re stuck in slow moving traffic and we have to drive to the other side of the lake to reach my destination which I realize is not going going to be soon, so I message VM that I’ll be late and the cool girl replies with a ‘cool’.After lot of jerk and rattle, thanks to muddy bumpy roads, I finally each ‘Eat Street’ , the food joint.We are super excited to see each other after months.

Like always ,oblivious to surroundings and the world and everything else (even food!) , we start chattering about latest happenings in our lives –  her exams, my work-life, her problems, my problems, her exciting and interesting love-against –parents love story, my non-existent love live( super single life!) , her arguments and fights with parents(so funny ,I laughed so loud and so long to the point people took me to be a maniac) , her sister’s post grad life, my brother’s carefree existence,her parents ,my sister- basically all important and unimportant matters the other should know. It was more than half and an hour before we decided to hop to this restaurant.

Our hangout

Our hangout

We order some shakes, onion fritters, some other starter, the usual naan and PBM , Qubani ka meetha and Litchi Ice Cream. The weather changes from sunny to cloudy as we wait for the food and enjoy the lake side view. We discuss college, friends, marriage, sangeet( a musical event organized before the wedding) ,weddings, money, work and other all mid-life crisis topics. It starts to drizzle as we leave the restra , we take some pictures at the outdoors and plan to go boating next for which we’d have to walk to the park,a good distance from the restra.

My fav naan and Paneer Butter masala

My fav naan and Paneer Butter masala

Calm before the storm 1

Calm before the storm 1

The light drizzle is now super heavy showers but thanks to my friend’s umbrella, our plan still holds. So we walk in rain, take pictures (of greens, of the lake, of the rains), walk further, take more pictures (selfies) ,walk more and take more pictures( now selfies in the rain) till we could take no more pictures because the phone’s all drenched and the umbrella is flying out of grip , the stole is slipping off my hands and because we are a total mess. The showers got worse and things got funnier when the umbrella transformed from convex to concave, like a cup, and the water filling in the concave .It was a real amusement for others stranded in the rain to watch two girls walking with an umbrella collecting water in the cup of the umbrella and funniest part, VM simply couldn’t stop laughing. Thankfully there was an ice-cream outlet in the vicinity and we took shelter to organize our belongings, especially the evil umbrella with the mind of its own.

Calm before the storm 2

Calm before the storm 2

We started walking the moment we thought the showers dwindled and we walked fast with the umbrella in shape only to realize it poured with more vigor and hence we had to make another halt beneath the foot-over-bridge. I was disappointed and not happy with the rains(so unlike me) because we might have had to cancel the speed-boating if it didn’t stop raining as the park closes boating if it is raining . Almost drenched we thought it wouldn’t make sense waiting for the rains to slow, so we just came out of the shelter underneath the bridge and started to walk when suddenly V stops and exclaims “Hey! They’re shooting us!”

Shooting? What shooting? Why! I took some good one minute before a possible heart fail if I didn’t notice 3-4 cameras/camcorders pointed at us from halfway across the road from where we were standing. Then out of nowhere there appeared another few to our right, taking pictures of us- VM and I with the umbrella in perfect shape, from so many various angles, so many clicks, and so many photographers! No exaggeration!

Crazy Girls in the news

Crazy girls with umbrella in the news!

“OMG! What’s happening” –excited, amused and shocked, we didn’t know where to look –to the cameras across the street or to the bunch on our right or towards a new group clicking us from diagonal left. Then there were onlookers wondering if we were actors from some TV show. I don’t know about VM but I felt like a ‘celebrity’ ,a bemused, shy celebrity who simply wouldn’t stop smiling !

This continued for a while before one guy from the photographers lot told us that they were from XYZ media house and that they wanted some shots to cover the situation through and following unexpected torrential rains hitting the city. They had actually come to cover ‘Ganesha Visarjan’ at the lake when it started to pour like crazy and they’d have to cover the rains too.So there were ABC, PQR , MNO media houses too shooting us so as to make news  with our pictures to cover the unexpected super angry showers disrupting a fun outing for girls and ruining their plans to go boating .But there was a huge variation in what they thought they wanted to illustrate , because the next day, some papers carried pictures of two girls grinning like a Cheshire cat under the umbrella like they were born with that expression while some others had full pictures of us that looked like we’re walking on a ramp in a rain themed show.

When we finally reached the park it was still raining, we bought the boating tickets, praying and hoping the rains would stop, but no, it didn’t stop pouring for next two hours. I think I heard a little voice from up above say- ‘Silver Lining in the cloud’ which is when I suggested VM that we leave and plan for another day.

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Happy Birthday Dear Blog!

untitledYou are now a year old and wise(or stupid?) . I wish for us both to grow together to come back to all the crazy ,funny ,stupid, sad, fun and happening stuff we would be recording here in years to come . Thank you and Lots of Love for keeping up with me !

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Dudhsagar III: Fun at the falls

After considerable amount of walking on the tracks in the drizzle, it was around 4 pm when we were treated to the focal motive of the trip –the majestic DudhSagar falls, a perfect name defining cascading sea of milk.

The rail tracks are all along and we do not know where the tracks end. The waterfalls is on the left of the tracks and on the right there is a fence that closes the nothingness beyond, but if you look down from the fence, thousands of feet below, you will see vast uninhabited greenery spread to infinitude. Coming back to the waterfalls, there is a dilapidated staircase that leads to the pool where the falls conclude. The place wasn’t so crowded, still we didn’t bother climbing down but enjoy the awesomeness from where we were.

The ones from our group who reached the falls before us were already swimming (like this supremely handsome German) and some were relaxing by the pool (AL and AD). So while we were at the something I’m going to call middle level (you could climb further up through the rocks which is risky) , these girls, AL and AD who were by the pool were swarmed by guys fighting with each other to take pictures with them, especially AD who obliged to every request for all kinds of poses. After lots of awing and admiring from closest we could to the falls, followed by some photography by the nature enthusiasts in the group, some of us got back to the track to walk further and that is when it started to pour like crazy.

Walking a little further, we could see guys from our group setting up tents despite the rains on the cemented open ground with no roof. Now there is a not so small structure that holds a shop selling tea and snacks, the open space which is an extension to the shop has a roof and the cemented area beyond that has no roof which is where we set up 3 tents and the bigger tent was set (late in the evening) in the area under the roof. We were the first ones to start setting up tents because apparently it was first come first serve for those who were planning to camp for the night.

With the spots secured, the only thing we could think of was food. It took about some 20 minutes for the guys to get the portable stove working and within next 10 minutes we were savoring hot yummy Maggi noodles with extra masala made by S ,one of the best moments of the trip. It couldn’t have been better with the rains, hot maggi and friends, old and new.

It was now time for a bath in the waterfalls. We did not go the falls I mentioned earlier in the post because there is no direct access to the falls as it ends in a huge pool and also because of the risk involved for those who couldn’t swim. The guy who planned the whole trip stayed back at the little building while most of rest of us (not sure where the others from the rest were) went further along the tracks looking for more waterfalls. In the interim, we suspect a train coming in the direction we were walking and moved away from the tracks only to realize it was a false sound. Now this happened a couple of times which was funny because when the train really was coming, nobody moved from the tracks until they saw it coming, literally. So now everybody wanted pictures with a speeding train in the background and jumped to the tracks and back once the pictures were done.

After lot of back and forth, we found this beautiful falls to our liking and I couldn’t wait to get right under the falls. When others could easily find their way through the bushes, thorns, pebbles, rocks, mud and sling to get to the falls, I was extra careful and took my time because the last thing I wanted was to get hurt and ruin the fun. As soon as I reached the waters, I jumped walked (!) in and thankfully the water wasn’t very deep, especially for ones like me who do not have much experience with high falls and deep waters.

After lot of photos, I decided it was enough and wanted to experience the falls, so I moved towards the falls, with help of course and right under to jump out the next second. I couldn’t breathe because of the tremendous force with the water was hitting us, it was scary and exciting at the same time. After practicing climbing couple of times in the direction of the falls that repeatedly threatened to push us down by force these guys finally reached the spot where the falls no longer had the powers to push them down, thanks to the semi-friendly rocks that supported the brave throughout and while at the safe spot. What did I do? Well, I just climbed a little and jumped in the falls from SIDE to enjoy the super angry showers which I now suspect is the reason for my sudden hair fall these days. In the process, we also mastered the art of holding breath and trying to breathe at the same time and many other live saving hacks.

By this time most of them were around and with everyone splashing water on everyone else it was a riot of fun and laughter. Another round of taking pictures followed more rounds of water games for a good hour. It was then decided that we go back to the camp but we girls planned wanted to stay there forever but we soon had to change our plans of setting up homes there when we noticed people leaving one by one. Once back to the tracks, we moved further along the tracks, in the direction opposite of the camp before we take a final U turn to the base. So we found this amazingly gorgeous, mind-blowing view of another waterfalls some zillions of miles away from where we stood and this is the scene from the movie “Chennai Express” and we got luckier when a train passed by the bridge in the foreground which completed the view to perfection.

Now there was another round of pictures with a running train in the background followed by more photo sessions on the tracks before we headed back to the camp for dinner.

Pictures following are all taken by friends because the very few pictures I took are nothing compared to these.

The Place to be

The Place to be













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DudhSagar II : Train to Castle Rock

So we get into the general compartment full of people ,since it was first-of-its-kind experience for me, it was overwhelming with the place getting crowded and fuller with our entry .Nowhere to go ,I simply stood there in middle of the crowd, waiting for future to happen. Things start to take pace with half people settling themselves in unoccupied uppermost berths of nearest available seats, mostly the non-Indians in the group, with so much ease, as if a routine and without as much as an Ouch, like a traveler who has mastered the skill with experience. From among the rest, four, including me, occupy a side lower berth and see the group settle across the coach in wherever space they fit.

Now we all get busy with the phones for group selfies and pictures of anybody and everybody around the place. The pictures were a disappointment because of the angles and the sunlight. Then two of us joined the group of ten playing UNO which was super fun with everyone plotting together against the one with the UNO (solo card) by gifting him wild cards or passing around the cards in color we guessed the UNO did not have with him. At this point almost everyone knew everyone else within the group playing UNO and the rest of them from the upper berths were chatting away. The girls kept winning all the rounds with me winning two. The UNO group dispersed when it started to get boring and we were happy to see the compartment less crowded than before to comfortably accommodate the group.

I got chatting with this girl (AD) from France. We spoke about movies (Bollywood and French), work and my phone. She had watched the movie ‘Kick’ and didn’t like it one bit and she wanted to know why Aishwarya married her husband, who she thought wasn’t so good looking. We quizzed each other, me on Bollywood and she on French movies and we further discussed Eva Green, Inglorious Bastards, more Bollywood, more French actors and Management Engineering. There were so many other groups discussing interesting stuff and I couldn’t resist but quip in now and then and then the conversation moved from 300: Rise of an empire to mobile phones because all a sudden AD wanted to know if what I was carrying with me all this time was a phone before this guy (BA) from Morocco joked calling it a TV, thus time passed before the chaos begun.

It was supposed to be a 15 KM trek from whatever place to the waterfalls. There was noise everywhere and we heard someone asking us to get ready with the backpacks. I can’t believe I can be so careless leaving my bag on some berth when I was sitting somewhere else, which is just not me. So we were ready with our backpacks, tents and sleeping bags waiting in line that blocked the passage from one coach to another in anticipation that we would arrive at castle rock station any second and because the train would not stop for more than few minutes we were extra alert and all set. The train passed several tunnels but still no sight of the station when the locals told us that we still have ten minutes before the station arrives or rather we reach our destination. Those were the worst ten minutes on the train, with a zillion hawkers wanting to move across coaches and with us blocking their passage. They were still adamant they would not wait till the train stops, so all of them had to brush past us with their carriages.

While all this was happening G who was standing by the exit door was screaming his lungs out in excitement and soon the entire coach followed suit. I may not have liked this but who am I to kill the joy and excitement. I was very much scared for G because he was standing really close to the door and more so because there were so many other passengers, with the place around completely packed a little push can be really dangerous for those at the doors. The fun part amidst the chaos was when G was SITTING by the door and turned around to say something and within seconds when he looked out of the train again the view changed from railings and stones to absolute nothingness, he looked down to see nothing, like as if the train was flying or it was sitting by a plane’s door, that moment we wished we could record the shit scared face and the reflexes that made him jump inside the train. So the explanation for nothingness is that it was bridge the train was passing over and hence nothing around except vacuum but the split second change in view would have scared any person to death.

Finally the train stops in the middle of nowhere, we hurriedly get off the train onto the tracks because there is nothing called a platform. When the train disappeared we realized that the nowhere is actually a station and the trek is about walking on the tracks till we reach the waterfalls. Now it was no longer a 15 km trek because we were pretty close to the waterfalls from where the train left us .So we got walking and stopped at a little structure (don’t remember what it was) as I had to change from flip-flops to shoes. I also changed my synthetic top and got into my Minnie mouse tee and wore a jacket over since it was drizzling. Where did I change you ask? The open space between two mini buildings .It took me milliseconds to change from one tee to another.

On the tracks

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